Rumble, jumble

Rumble, jumble

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Materials: Acrylic and ink on canvas 
Size: approx. 72” x 60”

100% of the sale proceeds of any artwork during the exhibition go to the artist.
All purchases of artwork are handled directly between the buyer and the artist.


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Henbo Henning was selected for A closer look at FRIEDA (June - September 2024). He also shared his artistic way of thinking during the Meet the artist event on June 19, 2024 and a drawing workshop on July 20.

I grew up in northwest England in an industrial town called Warrington. As far back as I can remember, I have drawn. The first drawing I ever made still hangs in my parents’ home. It depicts my family as tigers, but each tiger has an extra leg. I was 2½ years old. As a child, I spent many rainy days creating alternative worlds, drawing on large rolls of brown underlay paper that my father used when wallpapering rooms. I’ve always had an affinity for strange creatures: octopuses, polliwogs, axolotls, monsters great and small, real or fictional. I fantasize that they live amongst us, happily going about their day-to-day existence. I’m sure they took your missing sock or TV remote, hoarding it as treasure. Or perhaps your object itself became a monster and wandered off!

You can find more of Henbo's work at his website.


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