Doodle #14

Doodle #14

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Materials: Hand-drawn doodle inks on watercolor paper.

Size: 8” x 5.75” (unframed) 10" x 8 (framed)

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I’m a doodler, and I draw every day, filling sketchbook after sketchbook. I love to come up with different characters, so I guess that makes me a character artist.

This is my full-time job. I like my job. It gets me out of bed early every day. I can almost hear the pens and paper calling me. I like doodling a lot.

I also like painting my doodles and making them jump from 2D into 3D, using my hands and clay materials. So I could also be called a sculptor.

I’m a big fan of seeing my doodles come to life, so I animate them using a hand-drawn frame-by-frame method. So I could also be called an animator.


Matt Jones was selected for A closer look at FRIEDA (September-October 2022).

He also shared his artistic way of thinking during the workshop “Figure creation”.

Matt Jones is a self-described quirky British man, who is a multimedia artist, sculptor, curator, teacher, and toy designer. He is best known for his fan-favorite toy creation, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, and his informative Plastik Surgery handbooks and workshops. He has worked for many years as a professional product designer, taking many of his projects from concept design to completion. Winning a designer toy award in 2005 set Matt on the road to self-producing his figures, using his product design mold-making skills. He has worked in the designer toy industry for over 20 years, collaborating with art toy companies and many talented artists along the way. He also worked as a freelance artist/designer from his offbeat underground Berlin studio and gallery. Matt’s passion to share knowledge about how to make your own designer toys helped him set up his own school, the Plastik Surgery Workshop.

You can find more of Matt's work at FRIEDA at 320 Walnut Street or check his website.


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