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I Remember

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I Remember: Moments and Details in Personal Icons - 1950 to the Present


Materials: Paper, pins

Size: 9 ft x 9 ft

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The installations in this show are my way of telling very personal stories based on photographs and memories. To me, memories are like the expanding universe – the older you become, the farther away memories of a person, place, event, or thing seem. Sometimes, along the way, over space and time, images such as photographs, drawings, or paintings, bookmark memories for us. These icons along our personal timeline help us to remember details and prompt us to make comparisons about how things have changed, or haven’t.

My pieces are pinned together to enhance the natural “intelligence” of paper, perhaps inviting environmental influences to cause the paper to bend or curl and become part of the work. I use a square format and superimpose this grid over the installations, like a “window” in time through which to view them. My works are handmade and are fragile and temporary, just like as memories and materials may be. 

Anthony's work was selected for the “PEOPLE” group exhibition at FRIEDA (June 2022 – August 2022).

Anthony Latess has a B.S. degree in art education and an M.Ed., both from Edinboro State College in Pennsylvania. He has more than four decades of classroom experience, including as a teacher of art, special education, and STEM, a computer specialist in a public school district, and an instructor of graduate level computer courses at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He is also an artist who uses photography in his work and believes that creativity is a survival skill. His teaching has won multiple awards.

You can find more of Anthony's work at his website.


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